The Hwang Hye-seong's Family

The Royal Cuisine Cooking Method has been Inherited by Hwang’s Family Members Who are Also Designated as Intangible Properties

Han Hui-sun, the last court lady at the royal kitchen of the end of the Joseon period,
was designated as the 1st Royal Culinary Art Master, and Hwang Hae-sung inherited
this legacy to become the second master.
Master Hwang’s four children followed in her footsteps devoting their lives also to the
promotion of royal cuisine as part of the Korean traditional food culture.
The eldest daughter, Han Bok-ryeo (the third master), leads the Institute of Korean Royal Cuisine
after Master Hwang passed away. The second daughter, Han Bok-seon, is a food expert who
is making efforts to commercialize Korean traditional foods to reach a wider range of consumers.
Professor Han Bok-jin, the third daughter, is nurturing talents in the Department of Korean
Cuisine at Jeonju University’s College of Culture and Tourism. The eldest son, Han Yong-kyu
(CEO of Jihwaja Co.), oversees the royal cuisine restaurants Jihwaja.

(Photo: from left, Han Bok-jin (the third daughter), Han Bok-ryeo (the eldest daughter),
Han Yong-kyu (the eldest son), and Master Hwang Hae-sung in the middle)