"Strictly Dumpling" experience Korean Royal Cuisine at Jihwaja. 궁중음식 Royal Cuisine 宮廷料理
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The world's most famous You Tuber on food, Mike Chen visited Jihwaja, a Intangible Heritage Restaurant to experience The Legitimacy of Korean Royal Cuisine.
I believe that he felt the polite, attentive and considerate Korean Food Culture at the king's banquet.  I like him. Because he has a broad mind to understand other countries's cultures as well as knowledge of food. So he must be a world-class food You Tuber.  I became to respect his personality and looking forward to a great continuous activity.
Thank you Mike !

Trying Foods KOREAN EMPERORS Ate! Korean ROYAL Cuisine Food Review

I love the historical places in Korea and 3 years ago I did a video eating what emperors ate back in the old times. And in this video, I found a beautiful royal cuisine restaurant that might just even be better.
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